Sexological bodywork - SB - is conscious work with sexuality through the body, which use touch, breath, movement and sound. Uses holistic sensual taoistic massage, pelvic floor release, scar tissue healing, practice orgasmic meditation and yoga

It is an extension of Taoist understanding of human sexuality and Tantra to western society. SB may be used for trauma healing sexual, partner´s, mental and physical in the intimate area.

One of the area that Sexological bodywork works with, is the arousal. The arousal that is free from imagination and fantasy, unresolved emotional experiences, religious dogma, society restrictions and routine sexual behavior. Sexual arousal can induce the altered state of consciousness to anybody, who wants to try it.

In this meditative state of mind, one recognizes his body to be the source of freedom and wisdom. However, as in meditation or in other forms of altered states of consciousness, abnormal states of consciousness achieved by prolonging sexual arousal are the opportunities with which it is necessary to learn to work.

One of the ways that induce this meditative and creative state is active receiving Taoist erotic massage (TEM) or sensual holistic tantric massage. Personal experience is the most valuable and powerful tool of self-development.

SB session consists of an interview with work-related to intention, followed by working with the body and conscious ongoing communication of feelings and experiences.